Money Laundering Prevention

VILLAR® is aware of the importance and impact of combating money laundering, so it has a specialized practice area, which constantly advises its clients on compliance with the Federal Law on the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin (LFPIORPI), its Regulations and other General Provisions. In addition, it advises companies engaged in activities considered vulnerable, in order to identify, report and prevent financial sector institutions and obligated subjects and Gatekeepers from being used in operations with resources of illicit origin.

In addition, the team's practice focuses on adapting criteria for conducting operations with the general public, as well as on the analysis and design of internal methodology, policies and procedures that serve to adequately comply with the measures to be implemented for the prevention of money laundering. Its clients include product marketing platform developers, non-governmental organizations, financial system entities, department store operators, and more.

The prevention of money laundering is, today, an issue with high priority both nationally and internationally, as these are complex phenomena with serious economic and social implications, in order to protect financial systems and economies, establishing measures and procedures that prevent and detect operations that may involve resources of illicit origin.

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