For years, VILLAR® has offered and provided its clients with legal services in labor matters, with lawyers specialized in individual and collective labor relations, as well as in social security matters. Nowadays, employers are faced with changing labor legislation, both internally and internationally, as well as disputes with their employees, being these situations a regular concern. For this reason, the Firm has a specialized, experienced, efficient and constantly updated team that advises clients in all facets of the area. Although the Firm has a team of expert litigators in the area, the main concern is to advise companies to reduce the risk of labor and Social Security contingencies. The specialists in this area have vast experience, both in consulting to prevent any type of contingency derived from compliance with labor regulations and those related to the Mexican Social Security Institute, the National Workers' Housing Fund Institute, the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System, AFORES and other institutions, as well as in the representation of litigation matters.

Such services include the representation of its clients before local and federal authorities in the processing of amparo suits, individual and collective labor disputes, including claims of ownership of collective bargaining agreements, economic disputes and strike proceedings due to the signing of collective bargaining agreements, their review or enforcement.VILLAR®'s practice in labor matters has traditionally consisted of assisting clients in the negotiation, preparation and termination of labor contracts with unionized, administrative and managerial personnel, actively participating during the negotiation, legitimization and termination of collective bargaining agreements and in the preparation, design and implementation of Internal Labor Regulations and training programs for managers and employees, as well as in the adoption of measures related to occupational safety. The Firm also advises newly incorporated companies on the establishment of organizational structures focused on proper compliance with labor and social security legislation. Furthermore, represents clients before the administrative labor authorities, especially in connection with inspections and the challenging of administrative sanctions and fines.

Among others, the services are:

  • Advice, strategy and representation of companies in the termination of employment contracts;
  • Advice, strategy and representation of companies in negotiations and collective claims against labor unions;
  • Advice, strategy and representation of companies in individual labor claims;
  • Preventive advice and audits in labor matters, in order to avoid future contingencies in this area;
  • Advice and strategy regarding employee profit sharing;
  • Advice and strategy regarding the hiring of expats in Mexico and Mexican personnel to provide services abroad;;
  • Advice during inspections by labor and social security authorities;
  • Strategies related to personnel transfers in corporate restructuring processes;
  • Preparation, review and update of internal policies, human resources procedures, internal work regulations and training programs.

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