Privacy and Data Protection

The Firm's advice on the privacy and protection of personal data shields any type of companies in the various sectors, national or multi-legal.

n particularly regulated sectors (e.g. financial, insurance, medical research and pharmacovigilance, electrical or hydrocarbons, labor or telecommunications and electronic communications), the deep knowledge of the team in the Area joins the Firm's experience in all of them, ensuring consistent, constant, up-to-date and comprehensive advice.

VILLAR®'s Privacy and Data Protection, Area arises from the recognition that is made to the protection of personal data as a fundamental right and the constitutional obligation to safeguard it, as well as the need to protect one of the most important assets of a company, such as its information. Composed of lawyers specialized in the field, it provides advice to its clients with the aim of achieving a balance between the proper protection of personal data and the optimal development of their activities.

Currently, the development and use of technologies for the collection, storage, use, disclosure and transfer of all types of information, particularly personal data, have further demonstrated the risks associated with unauthorized use of such information.

Some of VILLAR®s legal services consist of:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the application of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals and its Regulations, to natural persons and companies that handle personal data, confidential information and trade secrets in Mexico;
  • Advice on the development of e-commerce platforms and operations of the information technology industry such as software development, outsourcing, licensing, hosting and co-branding;
  • Advice on the national and international transfer of personal data;
  • Advice on the use of tracking technologies (cookies) and other technologies;
  • Advice on the development and implementation of information security policies for the effective safeguarding of confidentiality and classification and codification of information, including the development of codes of conduct and good practices on the monitoring and use of electronic means, implementation of preventive and corrective measures, and electronic signature;
  • Advice and guidance in the administration and response to requests for rights of the holders (right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition);
  • Training for compliance with personal data regulations and information security;
  • Development of information flowcharts, in order to provide adequate and timely privacy notices to employees, suppliers, customers, among others;
  • Data protection litigation before the different administrative and judicial authorities.

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