Pro Bono

Since its beginning, VILLAR® has been committed to the community and its social environment, carrying out various Pro bono activities as part of the social co-responsibility that the Firm has with society in general. It is for this reason that it carries out legal advice, both civil society organizations and individuals who require their support in different areas of law.

The Firm actively encourages this practice, constantly allocating resources for the lawyers and paralegals that make it up to devote certain man-hours to their attention. Within the scope of the provision of their Pro bono services, they have addressed issues related to children, animal protection, environmental protection and natural resources, legal support for those affected by natural disasters, among others. In addition, they participate in supporting various civil society organizations dedicated to providing free legal services in the country, such as the Fundación Appleseed México, A.C., Centro Mexicano Pro Bono, A.C., and Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda, I.A.P.

In order to institutionalize the Pro bono work carried out, it has a Working Committee that authorizes and supervises all the issues it handles until its conclusion, regulating itself through a Pro bono working regulation that ensures the provision of adequate and timely legal advice to those who support in this field, establishing annual hours of Pro bono work to their lawyers. At VILLAR® all these efforts confirm its deep and concrete commitment to Mexico.

VILLAR® focuses on supporting Civil Society Organizations and social entrepreneurs in creating and maintaining the legal structure necessary for these organizations to focus their resources and skills on the development and fulfillment of their social purpose. Likewise, it provides exceptional and prior analysis of the case, legal advice to natural persons, who must prove the lack of financial means to obtain the advice by another means.

To apply, it is necessary to fill out an application form, which must be submitted through the form included in this website or physically take it to any of the Firm's offices. There, the Working Committee shall contact the potential beneficiary by contact of their choice and a meeting will be scheduled at the offices of VILLAR ® to know in detail the characteristics of the matter in question.

Once the matter between the beneficiary and the Committee has been reviewed, the beneficiary shall give its approval or rejection, notifying the potential beneficiary without delay. If approved, the Committee itself shall appoint a lawyer or lawyers available within the Firm, so that, according to their specialty, they can provide the required legal assistance. Lawyers' fees will be absorbed by the Firm, while all expenses arising from the provision of the service must be covered by the beneficiary(s).

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