Intellectual Property

Intellectual property protection has become very important in recent years and that is why the Firm has a group of expert professionals, who are responsible for advising, protecting, maintaining and defending the intellectual property rights of its clients, providing comprehensive advice to domestic and foreign companies in everything related to their intangible assets, including trademarks, patents, know-how, designs, artistic, literary, scientific and audiovisual creations, image rights, privacy and reputation protection, advertising and marketing.

Over time, man as an intelligent and sensitive being has embodied his intellect and emotions into intellectual creations, which sometimes translate as artistic works and in others, as practical solutions to commercial and industrial problems. In addition, the need arose to protect these intangible goods resulting from the intellectual activity of the human being, leading to the creation of Intellectual Property, composed of Industrial Property and Copyright.

VILLAR® stands out for the knowledge of new technologies and new business models, which allows them to establish a solid way of communication with their customers and anticipate their needs, being their main objective to give quality, agile and resolute responses to clients. It has also earmarked much of its efforts to adequately protect the intangible assets of its clients, mainly through the constant updating of its human capital, participation in international organizations and associations, international meetings, conferences, courses, etc.

The Firm provides services in the field of intellectual property, through the protection and defense of trademarks, trademarks and trade names, patents, utility models, industrial designs, industrial secrets, technology transfer, copyright and related rights, franchisees and licenses, plant varieties and domain names.

The services provided in the Firm are divided into specific areas by the degree of specialty and knowledge they require, being the following:

  • Industrial Creations;
  • Copyright;
  • Licenses;
  • Litigation;
  • Domain names;
  • Trade Secrets;
  • Distinctive Signs.

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