Since its beginnings, VILLAR®has provided immigration services to its clients, whether they are multinational companies that need their support to bring their expatriate staff to reside in Mexico, as well as to natural persons who require advice in order to reside in the country, temporarily or definitively or even to acquire Mexican nationality.

The area's lawyers have extensive experience in handling all kinds of immigration matters, both in obtaining the employer registration record of Mexican entities, as well as the documents of Temporary and Permanent Residents for the foreign employees of their clients, as well as in the advice to determine the best way in which retired foreigners could legally reside in the country , as well as in the preparation of the documentation required for the presentation, processing and clearance of the various permits required for the legal stay of foreigners in the country.

VILLAR® Immigration practice understands the current demand in its clients' businesses, which is why it works closely with them to design and implement strategies and procedures that achieve their migration, visa and compliance objectives in this area. The Firm provides its clients with consulting and immigration services, including:

  • Notices to migration authorities of changes in marital status, domicile and authorized activities of the expatriate;
  • Changes in Legal Status and adjustment of immigration status;
  • Employer Registration, for Companies with foreign staff;
  • Exercise of means of defense in immigration matters;
  • Legalization and apostille of documents for international use;
  • Naturalization;
  • Work permits;
  • Renewal, replacement and exchange of immigration documents;
  • Visa authorization procedures for Job, Family and Humanitarian Reasons.

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