Energy and Natural Resources

The Firm provides comprehensive advice on all legal matters related to the development of projects from different fields, such as mining, industrial, energy, infrastructure and real estate, among others, offering a wide range of transactional and regulatory services. The Area is recognized for designing and implementing innovative solutions, coordinated with the needs of its clients, fostering constant communication to anticipate, manage and resolve risks and structure operations appropriately.

The knowledge of the industry and the experience in the market, allows VILLAR® to offer timely professional advice, which translates into the implementation of successful strategies for its clients to acquire, develop and fund projects within the energy and natural resources sector. The high degree of specialization required by the Area, together with the skill in handling and understanding technical aspects associated with the respective specialties and the coordination with other practices of the Firm, allows the Area to provide high quality and value-added multidisciplinary legal services to public agencies and companies.

Its professionals have extensive experience in energy regulatory compliance, permit management, support in bidding procedures, advice on the preparation and execution of contracts related to the sector, as well as comprehensive advice on litigation and dispute resolution.

Have represented companies in the renewable energy sector by providing a full range of legal services, including audits of renewable energy projects, obtaining and renewing authorizations and permits from federal, state or municipal authorities for the development of projects, assisting in the sale or supply of equipment to individuals and public entities, as well as in the purchase of companies and assets in the sector.

The services offered include, among others, the sectors related to oil and natural gas, as well as electricity, including renewable energies:

  • Access to capital markets;
  • Advice on compliance with environmental and administrative laws and regulations by companies involved in the energy sector;
  • Advice on electricity and renewable projects, including advice on the implementation of the legal-regulatory structure for projects under the Electricity Industry Law and its Regulations, access to land, public bids, preparation and negotiation of contracts in general, as well as administrative, constitutional, commercial litigation and dispute resolution procedures;
  • Advice on natural gas matters, including transportation, distribution, storage, commercialization and first-hand sales activities, in connection with permits granted under the Natural Gas Regulations, as well as those granted pursuant to the Hydrocarbons Law and its Regulations;
  • Advice on regulatory matters, public bids, management of permits and authorizations before the competent authorities, public and private contracting in projects related to the hydrocarbons sector (upstream, midstream and downstream).

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