Environment and Sustainable Development

VILLAR®'s environmental law practice is distinctive because it strives to understand the specific situations and needs of its clients efficiently, as well as to minimize the risks and costs involved, neutralize the negative perception of the public and develop strategies that avoid risks. The Firm offers comprehensive solutions to its clients in all issues related to compliance with the environmental regulations in force in Mexico. Its services include both consulting and litigation in matters related to national waters, environmental impact and risk, remediation and transfer of contaminated sites, emissions into the atmosphere and climate change, discharges of wastewater, waste and hazardous materials, wildlife, etc.

The team is composed of lawyers specialized in this field, with extensive experience in the defense of rights against acts of federal, state and municipal environmental authorities, as well as in national and international arbitration procedures and for the interpretation and enforcement of international environmental treaties and conventions, as well as in the processing of administrative remedies and other means of challenge , including the trial of protection, against resolutions or other acts of authority or criteria of environmental authorities and if the nature of the matter requires it, lawyers work with professionals from other related disciplines to offer their clients a comprehensive solution to their matters.

The Environmental Area is intimately linked to the Real Estate Law Area, so it naturally provides interdisciplinary services in any transaction.

Among others, the Firm's services are the interpretation of federal, state or municipal plans and programs of ecological ordering, urban development or protected natural areas and their management plans, required to determine the compatibility of the development of works or activities projected with said body of ordinances; the processing and obtaining of concessions, authorizations, licenses, registrations and permits in environmental matters, for the installation, expansion and operation of facilities or their closure; environmental audits, coordination of relevant technical assessments and determination of the degree of compliance with applicable environmental provisions, including standards; coordination and implementation of specific environmental projects and measures, such as environmental impact and environmental risk assessment, installation and implementation of new industrial processes, remediation of soils or waters, analysis and studies of emissions into the atmosphere and assessment of environmental contingencies, as well as all kinds of issues related to the exploitation and exploitation of natural resources, including water , forests and mines; planning, coordination and development of projects and programs for the implementation and adaptation of green technologies in compliance with climate change systems or for obtaining incentives.

Specialists are consulted on proposals and reforms of environmental legislation. They also spend some of their pro-bono time on causes related to the preservation and protection of Mexico's environment, ecosystems and species of flora and fauna.

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