VILLAR® provides its clients with services in this area, especially in matters related to economic, financial and tax crimes, both from the point of view of defense and prosecution. It also handles matters related to the business area, with the support of professional investigators and experts specialized in various sciences, enjoying extensive experience in combating property crimes, industrial and intellectual property, as well as in the defense of those related to environmental matters when companies are affected by criminals.

Also advises on the prevention or defense in labor crimes, such as those derived from work-related accidents, theft, fraud or breach of trust. One of the added values of this professional practice is the development of joint strategies aimed at preventing the commission of property crimes against its clients.

Within the various services, the following are carried out:

  • Attention to federal and common criminal proceedings;
  • Attention and advice in the defense of employees and companies, in the investigation stage and criminal proceedings at local and federal level;
  • Legal auditing of companies, with a tendency to prevent the commission of illegal acts against them, as well as to provide information aimed at preventing the updating of scenarios that could involve them or their employees in the commission of punishable conduct;
  • Preparation and handling of lawsuits and amparo proceedings in criminal matters, including aspects related to the seizure of real and personal property;;
  • Preparation and handling of all kinds of complaints, claims and criminal proceedings for conduct affecting the companies, their employees and their relations with them and with third parties.

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