In commercial arbitration, the Firm has experience in advising or representing parties, either as plaintiff or defendant, in important and complex ad-hoc and institutional arbitration proceedings, both national and international, including those before the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the National Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City (CANACO), the Arbitration Center of Mexico (CAM) and other arbitration administration institutions, including public institutions such as the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF), in commercial, civil, infrastructure and construction, corporate, insurance, financial institutions, franchises, among others.

The team that integrates the area is constantly trained in alternative dispute resolution and domestic and international arbitration, in order to offer more and better options to the client when resolving their disputes. Some of its lawyers are even members and coordinators of recognized arbitration institutions, both national and international, such as ICC and CANACO, which evidently benefits its clients since they are constantly updated in the matter.

Likewise, they have several years of experience, not only in commercial arbitration, but also in other Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (ADR), such as negotiation, conciliation and mediation, actively participating in conciliatory proceedings before public and private institutions.

The services offered by VILLAR® include, among others:

  • Attention to arbitration proceedings, either as arbitrators or counsel;
  • Attention to mediation and conciliation proceedings;
  • Attention to nullity proceedings of arbitral awards;
  • Attention to judicial arbitration assistance proceedings;
  • Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards;
  • Issuance of expert opinions on Mexican law;
  • Obtaining injunctive relief in or out of arbitration proceedings.

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