Banking and Finance

VILLAR®has an experienced group of professionals specialized in the financial, banking and securities sector, with respect to national and foreign financial institutions, public and private companies and private investment funds, in their operations and relevant litigation, both in the structuring of credits, factoring, trusts or debt acquisition, as well as in the restructuring of liabilities, always with the purpose of ensuring the collection and recovery of credits and the defense of their assets.

The Firm provides advice to financial entities, including those related to the incorporation, merger, dissolution, liquidation, sale and restructuring of all types of financial entities in Mexico, including representative offices, as well as subsidiaries of financial institutions under applicable provisions of Mexican law and the various trade agreements to which Mexico is a party, offering ongoing advice on regulatory aspects to such entities, including legal audits of brokerage firms and credit institutions.

The Banking and Finance Area offers, among others, the following services:

  • Attention to procedures for the execution of guarantees, securities and credit operations and securities market instruments;
  • Corporate, real estate and financial audits of local borrowers in connection with financings and guarantees;
  • Legal risk audits of banks and other financial institution;
  • Securitization of portfolios, asset-backed securities and structured credits;
  • Creation of guarantees such as mortgages, pledges and security trusts, as well as the creation of personal guarantees;
  • Syndicated loans;
  • Local and foreign loans and financing;
  • Compliance and corporate governance by public issuers;
  • Registration of banks, financial institutions, insurance and reinsurance companies and their representative offices/branches;
  • Issuance of shares, debentures, bonds and commercial paper;
  • Structuring, negotiation and documentation of credit and other financial transactions, including venture capital and leasing;
  • Investment and financing by private equity funds;
  • Initial public and private offerings;
  • Organization, due diligence and regulatory compliance by financial institutions, including banks, investment companies, multiple purpose financial companies (SOFOMES), broker-dealers, insurance companies, surety companies and Mexican subsidiaries of foreign financial institutions;
  • Financing projects;
  • Recovery of high-profile non-performing loans, as well as representation in banking and Debt restructuring;
  • Registration with the National Securities Registry and the International Quotations System;
  • Sales in installments or on credit and with reservation of title.

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