Restructurings and Commercial Bankruptcy

The Firm's experience in insolvency situations covers the main sectors of the economy, allowing them to face any scenario of business crisis with an in-depth knowledge of business issues and their implications, in case of international insolvency, that must be taken into account in each case. Area specialists have extensive experience in advising parties that may be affected, providing advice to their clients on cases of group restructuring procedures, debt refinancing, defense of creditor rights, advice on liability of directors and investments in insolvency assets and liabilities.

The insolvency process is a tool for natural and moral persons to face an economic contingency, either to negotiate with their creditors the payment of debits in better conditions or to conclude the process with the sale of the company's assets in an orderly and legal manner. The experience of the VILLAR® area in this area is the result of many years of work and allows to advise and represent their clients, both preventively and in the corresponding judicial procedure.

For years, the Firm has provided advice to its clients regarding financial restructurings that its companies require for the development of its economic activity. His lawyers have participated in various debt restructurings of several companies that were sometimes held by foreign investors. At VILLAR® there is a commitment to advise companies to face the challenges demanded by private restructuring operations involving numerous creditors or in various jurisdictions.

The Area of restructurings and commercial bankruptcy offers, among others, the following services:

  • Advice and defense of companies in reorganization or bankruptcy processes;
  • Advice and representation in separator actions within the commercial bankruptcy;
  • Conclusion and fulfillment of commercial operations with companies subject to insolvency proceedings;
  • Recognition and enforcement of decisions and precautionary measures in cross-border insolvency proceedings;
  • Preparation, approval and implementation of insolvency agreements;
  • Recognition and execution of guarantees;
  • Recognition, determination of the degree and claims of appropriations;
  • Representation of creditors, with or without guarantee, in the recognition and payment of their credits.

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