VILLAR® specializes in the analysis of national and international tax legislation and how it affects corporate structures and individuals when determining their tax obligations. The combination of legal and accounting reasoning, allows the Firm to provide a better financial projection of benefits to the client, making also a permanent international tax planning and all administrative procedures that allow the investor to comply in the most effective way with their tax obligations.

Every business model, plan or scheme must comply with the various national and international tax provisions, without sacrificing competitiveness and efficiency. Therefore, VILLAR® seeks at all times that its clients comply with their tax obligations in a timely manner, but achieving the tax efficiency allowed by the regulatory framework.

Aware of the concern of its clients regarding the constant changes in the provisions on the subject, the Firm offers tax structures that allow them to pay taxes in accordance with the applicable regulations, the part that by law or justice corresponds to them to contribute. To this end, the Firm always seeks a synergy between the business models, plans or schemes between its clients and the tax provisions.

Services include tax advice, planning and strategy, national and international, as well as tax litigation (appeals for revocation, annulment trials, customs litigation, amparo trials). They also include the following:

  • Conclusive agreements before PRODECON;
  • Unilateral or bilateral APA's;
  • Application of tax incentives;
  • Transfer Pricing advice and studies;
  • Preventive aspects Due Diligence;
  • Attention to reviews of rulings, home, office or electronic visits;
  • Attention to requirements (information, compliance with tax obligations, etc.);
  • Audits;
  • Confirmation of criteria;
  • Tax consulting;
  • Administrative Facilities;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Management before tax authorities;
  • Trade union non-compliance;
  • Estate planning for individuals;
  • Complaints and consultations before PRODECON;
  • Corporate restructurings;
  • Procedures, requests, returns and authorizations.

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