The Firm provides legal advice and representation to its clients before the different agencies of the three levels of government. To a lesser extent, VILLAR®'s participation is limited to providing consultations and advice regarding the interpretation and application of laws and administrative procedures. On the contrary, the participation of its experts in administrative litigation, who have extensive professional and academic experience in the areas of administrative amparo, tax litigation, administrative procedure and general administrative law, is mostly required

The Firm offers defense against governmental decisions that may violate the rights guaranteed by the laws and the Mexican Constitution, through the filing of the means of defense provided by the regulations in force, including the preparation and filing of amparo suits, nullity suits, administrative appeals and other appeals, writs necessary for the attention and follow-up of lawsuits and proceedings before the Federal Judiciary, Federal and Local Administrative Courts or administrative authorities.

The services include advisory, consulting and procedural processing before this type of authorities and, if necessary, administrative litigation and constitutional litigation. They also include the following:

  • Preventive and corrective advice, as well as administrative and judicial proceedings with respect to the application of the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Illegal Proceeds;
  • Advice and management of authorizations, licenses or permits before federal, state and municipal authorities;
  • Advice and management of administrative and judicial proceedings for accusations of alleged acts of corruption;
  • Attention to verification visits by federal, state or municipal authorities, as well as attention and follow-up to sanction procedures derived from these;
  • Concessions of public property;
  • Concessions of public services;
  • Declarations of public interest and expropriation procedures;
  • Administrative lawsuits against municipal, state and federal authorities;
  • Administrative proceedings in the form of lawsuits before municipal, state and federal authorities;
  • Conciliation and mediation proceedings before public agencies;
  • Government contracting procedures (public bids, restricted invitation or direct award);
  • Constitutional proceedings in defense of acts of authority, against laws and regulations of general application;
  • Complaints and proceedings before the Inter-American Human Rights System against human rights violations committed by administrative authorities;
  • Recommendation of actions to be taken to comply with federal, state or municipal legislation, in order to prevent any type of contingency;
  • Administrative liability of individuals, public officials and disqualifications to contract with the government;
  • State’s patrimonial responsibility towards private parties.

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